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Reblog: Are you a fanatic? (via the unabridged girl)

The phone in my office. Yes, it is REALLY a phone!

One of the walls in my office decorated with my lifetime of achievements.

After a viewing of some strange new movie I’ve never heard about, Kenzie asks the question, “Are you a fanatic?”

I decided to answer the question with my camera. The results are documented above. I’m a Trekkie and proud of it. (If you look closely on the wall you’ll also see Darth Vadar, R2D2 and the Millenium Falcon. So I’m not a purist.)

Note: I didn’t try to photograph my collection of dice lest someone out there be prompted to have me committed. (Probably still a good idea, though.)

are you a fanatic? One of my bestest (yup, totally used a non-word there) friends and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. No, we didn’t dress up, though plenty of people did, (which is a show in itself). This one guy (pictured below) went all out, dressing up as He Who Shall Not Be Named. … Read More