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Roll them Scrapples

scrapsMy day job is negativist. In my spare time I try to earn some scrillas for survival. After that, the bulk of the remainder of my time is spent philosophizing and inventing. And pondering the ways of love. And packing lots and lots of boxes.

What I’m saying is I invented a new gambling game and I’m giving it to the world for free. In that way I’m just like the fellow that found the cure to polio and didn’t try to exploit it for big bucks.

Yeah, we need more gambling, so I hope this catches on.

Like most of my inventions, necessity turned out to be one fantastic mother. And, like most of our most harrowing tales, it all started one Christmas not too many years ago…
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Reblog: Are you a fanatic? (via the unabridged girl)

The phone in my office. Yes, it is REALLY a phone!

One of the walls in my office decorated with my lifetime of achievements.

After a viewing of some strange new movie I’ve never heard about, Kenzie asks the question, “Are you a fanatic?”

I decided to answer the question with my camera. The results are documented above. I’m a Trekkie and proud of it. (If you look closely on the wall you’ll also see Darth Vadar, R2D2 and the Millenium Falcon. So I’m not a purist.)

Note: I didn’t try to photograph my collection of dice lest someone out there be prompted to have me committed. (Probably still a good idea, though.)

are you a fanatic? One of my bestest (yup, totally used a non-word there) friends and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. No, we didn’t dress up, though plenty of people did, (which is a show in itself). This one guy (pictured below) went all out, dressing up as He Who Shall Not Be Named. … Read More