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Bonus post: Britney Spears

I’m off to work. Here’s a bonus points. Many thanks to YouTube for their help on this project. Without their invaluable assistance this post would be the written version of dog crap.


This first song is as close as I get to prayer. I think you’ll find the central theme fits me like a glove.

This next song is completely autobiographical.

I just learned that Peter Steele, the heart and soul of the band Type O Negative, died earlier this year. To celebrate his death I offer the following little ditty:

Bonus track from Abyssia with love

Typical Work Day

What do you mean the Japan version of a Britney Spears CD has a bonus track not available in the United States? Why the hell is that? Why the hell do I, a preeminent consumer of Britney Spears products, have to go to eBay and bid on the Japan version with OCD fervor just to fill in every nook and cranny of my collection?

It occurred to me that my blog should offer up the occasional bonus track, too. And I won’t make you go to Japan or eBay like some folks do.

I love making graphs, so today’s bonus track is a graph of my typical work day. Enjoy.

Lady BlaBla has lost it

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=lady+gaga&iid=8146355″ src=”d/d/a/8/Lady_GaGa_performs_6044.jpg?adImageId=11218291&imageId=8146355″ width=”234″ height=”165″ /]

First things first. She is no “lady.” But she certainly is “GaGa.”

Her new music video “Telephone” came out today. It’s over nine minutes long. The scene is a women’s prison. The video gives writing credits to GaGa so I can only assume that’s a women’s prison from her own private fantasies. TMI!

If you can stomach the video long enough you’ll see a scene of GaGa wearing sunglasses made out of lit cigarettes kissing a fellow prison bitch.

I have to admit, just like watching a train wreck, it can be hard to look away.

Let’s see here. Hmm. Making out with a woman? Check. Sunglasses made out of lit cigarettes? Check. The most all nude footage that’s probably ever been seen in a music video? Check.

Methinks someone is trying to be shocking.

I find myself feeling actual embarrassment for GaGa. Trust me, that is not an easy thing to accomplish.

All that tells me is that, just like her predecessors Madonna and Britney Spears, Gaga is using sex and provocation as a way to compensate for a lack of actual singing talent.

Carefully evaluate GaGa’s work for skin content and sluttiness. Those are excellent indicators of talent.

Bring on more Christina Aguilera. You know, someone with real talent who can actually sing. I personally can’t wait for GaGa to get on to the lame “I used to be somebody” phase of her career, again, just like Madonna and Britney Spears. Something tells me the process gets accelerated each time around. GaGa’s turn in the barrel may be the shortest yet.