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Gorging Ourselves (BBB Edition) #PDX #ColumbiaGorge


A hop, skip, and a jump up the Columbia River. There and back again. A gobbet’s journey.

Last Friday my wife and I left the PDX zone and carved our way up the Columbia River Gorge. This is our humble travel blog.

Why is this called the “BBB Edition?” The clever reader will find three “B” words carefully hidden within this post that will illuminate. See if you can find them all.

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A Bridge Too Scar: Whitewashing History

Kirk Reeves playing a trumpet on Hawthorn Bridge.

Kirk Reeves playing a trumpet on Hawthorne Bridge.

TriMet is the public agency that provides transportation services (commuter rail, light rail, bus and streetcar) for most of the Portland, Oregon, metropolitan area.

That opening line just screams excitement, right? Stay with me, intrepid reader. We are embarking on a torrid journey of governmental lunacy and polishing turds. Remember, it’s important for us lowly idiots to know how things really work.

This organization really got on my radar recently during the naming process for a new bridge spanning the mighty piranha-filled Willamette River that’s currently under construction. Because, as we all know, the most important characteristic about a bridge is its name. This is followed closely by how many years of neglect it takes before it fails with lots of people on it. Let’s face it. Maintenance is not exactly humanity’s strong suit.

The TriMet decided to enlist the public’s help in naming the bridge. And that’s where things decidedly jumped the rails. And I’m here to tell you about it because, amazingly, their own official website has whitewashed the whole thing from history. It’s almost like it never happened…
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Quiet Extraordinary

tattooI’m Starfleet and Starfleet doesn’t lie!

COMPUTER: Working. Private Tom B. Taker. Serial number ABY-7734-Neg. Verified.

So what follows is the truth.

COMPUTER: Subject relaying accurate account. No physiological changes.

Gee, thanks, computer! I appreciate the endorsement!

COMPUTER: Subject in error. No endorsement was implied. Non sequitur. Error. Error. Error.

Dammit, man! I’m a failure, not a negativist! Or is that the other way around?

Anyway, most folks don’t know about Starfleet’s Processed Air Training (PAT). It’s a critical part of Starfleet Academy that must be successfully completed in order to graduate. It’s just like that scene in An Officer And A Gentleman where candidate Sid Worley can’t count cards in the decompression chamber. Yes, he’s got the moves like Jagger! But that doesn’t make him officer material.
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Goose Lodge: Title This Photograph


Just a little photo I snapped earlier today. My wife suggested a title. I came up with the other one. Who should win? You get to decide. Vote early and often.

Make the jump for more photographs from today.
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The sound of gerbil silence

Shhh! There might be gerbils lurking in the shadows along with the grues...

Hello darkness my old friend…

Best opening line of a song … evar! 🙂

I’m here to tell you that I have nothing to say about the gerbil today. Shocking, I know.

Yesterday, my wife emailed me five words. “Confirmed. He has a key.”

Last night, however, I did the unthinkable. I didn’t inquire any further. I let the topic go. My wife had asked me out on a date and my sound of silence regarding the gerbil was my little gift to celebrate the occasion.

After work she picked me up and we went to a park by the river. We sat in our Coleman picnic chairs, had some beer, veggie sandwiches, chips, potato salad and macaroni salad. It was pretty darn nice. Almost like camping, which we probably won’t get to do this year. Then we grabbed our little point and shoot and shot pictures of a nearby bridge for Shutterboo’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

It was nice to go on a date, picnic out in nature, have a good time, work on our social media skills, take pictures and not think about gerbils and their nesting habits for an evening…