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Qui pro ho, Clarice

QuiBids, in online advertising proclaims, “Department stores are ripping you off.”

Indeed. But I bet department stores can only dream about numbers like these:

Some numbers I crunched

Think about it. With a bidding increment of one cent a closing price of $14.49 represents 1,449 bids. At 60 cents each that adds up to a whopping $869.40 in bidding fees for QuiBids.

QuiBids claims these cameras normally sell for about $699. Of course, I just did a quick scan of Google Shopping and found the same camera and same lens selling new for $550. I guess that so-called “value price” isn’t worth the paper its printed on.

Let the bidder beware! And remember, kids, don’t let those department stores rip you off. Meh.

In closing I quip: Qui gone, gin? Can you hear the clicking of the bids, Clarice? Can you?