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Basket Weaving for Dummies

native-americanI apologize in advance if you came here actually expecting information regarding basket weaving. My misleading headline has lead you astray. I sincerely apologize for wasting your time. At least there aren’t 42 self-loading videos on this page. I guess it could have been worse. –Ed

For a fun mental exercise I will often take modern situations and problems and try to extend them, in my own inimitable fashion, to a hypothetical construct in my mind loosely based on my concept and interpretation of an indigenous people’s village.

Does this make good sense? Is it accurate? Does it result in increased understanding of how things work? Is it, in even the slightest way, particularly useful? Perhaps not, but I enjoy it and besides, it’s my brain. That’s the one place on this planet where I get to make the rules. No wonder it’s so crazy in there.

One day there was a visitor to the village who observed two people sitting on the ground and weaving some baskets. It was clear they were not equally skilled at the task.
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When you care enough …

I got what I wanted! I got what I wanted!

I was in the back enjoying (ha!) the mandatory company-purchased birthday food. They actually got the “meat lover’s pizza.” Err, yeah. About that? I may have mentioned I’m no longer eating the meat. But you all enjoy. (singing) Happy Birthday to me…

Then I got back to my desk and found a gift basket had been delivered from my sister (who does not know about this blog). The card is the stuff of legend.

Thanks so much, sis! 🙂