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Feeling blue about my hopes being dashed

Last night my wife and I were watching a little TV. Survivor: Nicaragua to be exact. During one of the content breaks I happened to note a commercial for an automobile.

No, I can’t recall the make and model being advertised. Effective commercial, eh? 🙂

My critical thinking skills were, however, functioning at a sufficient level to throw an alert about a line of bullshit in the commercial.

If my memory is correct, the commercial bragged something about: “This car can’t be properly appreciated from outside. You’ve got to get inside it.” (Paraphrased from memory.)

So what was this first bullet point they raised that you are supposed to “appreciate” from the inside?

The car features blue gauges lit with LED.

Jesus Christ! Holy fuck shit!!! Really?!? You have got to me shitting me!!! Blue LED??? OMFG!!! I’m going to fucking kill myself that I’m such a pathetic loser I don’t already own one of these awesome motherfucking masterpieces of engineering and design!!!


Alas, then my critical thinking skills kicked in. (For me they are sometimes involuntary.) Game over. Epic fail. Sorry and thanks for playing, old chap.

Just what was it that I realized? This: If the car is that motherfucking lame that the blue LED is the absolute first thing they mention, then the list of actual real attributes for this car must be lame as hell. It must be a real POS. (Piece Of Shit.)

In other words, I’m going to avoid this car like the plague. If I’m ever able to remember what it is.

The funny thing is, I’ve known people who bought new cars and the first thing they wanted to show me was the gauges lit with LED. Oooooh. Aaaaaah! How cool. Not. Are we a society in love with our automobiles or what??? So maybe this sort of advertising will work on some people. Gah!

Sometimes you can learn an awful lot in a mere 30 seconds. Something tells me, though, this isn’t exactly what the marketing firm had in mind.