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Massacre Lore

Grandpa/brother, circa 16 cycles ago. 60x magnification. Click image for original source.

The father/brother was talking to his son/brother, passing down information that had been handed down from generation to generation. “My father/brother told me this story when I was about your age. Now I’m passing it on to you. Someday you’ll share this story with your son/brother.”

“It was many harvest cycles ago…
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Ants in my pants

Whew. Today was a long day of photography. We leaped out of bed like chickens on a hot plate at 4:30am. Give or take a snooze. We went to a scenic location about an hour away and a climb of about 4,000 feet in elevation. I got maybe one nice photo from the trip. My wife got a lot more.

After shooting pictures for a minute, I was heard to shout, “Wait a minute! This damn camera has tricked me into going outside the house and enjoying nature!”

But I did shoot this movie of an ant hill my wife found. Incredibly this eight seconds of footage plays back at actual speed. Wow.