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Moralities: The Ant and the Grasshopper

Just go ahead and ignore my snide little partisan joke at the end there. 🙂 What do you think? Am I right? Wrong? For that matter, what is right and wrong? What would you do?
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Short Story: The Ugly Rock #BlogShorts

The Ugly Rock
by Tom B. Taker

The rock was ugly. Absurdly so. For millenia it existed in this idyllic setting.

An ant commuted nearby. The rock hated it. Flipping itself over, it landed on the ant.

This post is part of the BlogShorts challenge. June 2011 – 30 stories – 30 words – 30 days.

Ants in my pants

Whew. Today was a long day of photography. We leaped out of bed like chickens on a hot plate at 4:30am. Give or take a snooze. We went to a scenic location about an hour away and a climb of about 4,000 feet in elevation. I got maybe one nice photo from the trip. My wife got a lot more.

After shooting pictures for a minute, I was heard to shout, “Wait a minute! This damn camera has tricked me into going outside the house and enjoying nature!”

But I did shoot this movie of an ant hill my wife found. Incredibly this eight seconds of footage plays back at actual speed. Wow.