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Living the dream – nevermore

It was a dark and stormy night. My wife and I were going to bed.  Suddenly, a shot rang out.

This is the true story of last night.

We were fluffing our pillows and on final approach for nitey nite. Then my wife did something that happened to irritate me. No, I don’t remember now what it was. That isn’t germane to this tale. But I do remember quite clearly what I said in response.

“Just for that I’m going to close my eyes and repeat the name ‘Jessica Alba’ over and over again as I drift off to sleep.”

Hey. Never once have I ever claimed to be mature! A little directed dreaming as a method of revenge. What can I say? That’s just the way I roll.

I’m still baffled by what happened next, but this actually seemed to irritate my wife. The next thing I heard was my wife gently and quietly repeating these words as I was falling asleep: “mom … your mother … Beatrice.”


She was trying to push Jessica Alba out of my dream. How rude.

This morning I woke up and realized that I did dream and I actually remember it. It went a little something like this:

I had gone back in time with Kirk and Spock. A terrible future was waiting for us and we had one chance to make things right. It was decided that I would be disguised as a Romulan and would sneak onto a Romulan ship. Meanwhile none of us were aware that Jean-Luc Picard was also planning a trip to the same moment in time, and was about to accidentally interfere with our plans. We were going to have to adapt quickly or it would be the end of the universe…

I’m not making this up. That was the actual dream. I must have woken up because that’s all I remember. I do remember thinking while I was dreaming, though, “I’d better remember this, because this shit is good. This will make an awesome movie!” Then I woke up and I have to admit, it all sounds a bit lame.

So I guess now we know what happens if you compromise between mom and Jessica Alba. Your mind doesn’t know how to cope so it settles on Star Trek as a defense mechanism.

Please enjoy the musical selection that our chef has paired with this article.

Orson Welles and Alan Parsons music video

And now for something completely whacked out.

Here is a song by The Alan Parsons Project married up with an old short movie by Orson Welles. Wow, what a find! The song is “Psychobabble” and is one of my all-time favorites. I had thoughts about sharing the song here on the blog and during my search I found this piece of classic weirdness on YouTube. The movie is called “Hearts of Age” and is actually the first movie ever made by Welles, dating way back to when he was only 19 in 1934.

Prior to striking out on his own Parsons’ first musical project was a little album called “Abbey Road” by a group called The Beatles. (Perhaps you’ve heard of it.) Parson’s received production credit on that album and others that followed including “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd. Eventually Parsons struck out to do his own thing. His first album was released as The Alan Parsons Project and called “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” and featured musical interpretations of the writings of Edgar Allen Poe.