Flat Earths and Lack of Mirths

There’s so much fake news of late, some folks have been moved to quip, “Maybe the Earth ain’t round after all. Maybe it’s flat.”

So I felt compelled to add my two cents of circular logic.

Ever had a devout Catholic spittle in your face because you mistakenly made a statement about the Church and a flat Earth? “That was never official Catholic doctrine!” someone hissed at me once, so snug and secure in their position.

Bravo. Bravo! I stand corrected. I’m sorry for impugning the sacred sanctity of that most noble institution.

So, what actually happened? The Catholic Church condemned Galileo for “vehement suspicion of heresy” for suggesting that the Earth orbited the Sun and placed him under house arrest and restricted his freedom until the day he died. That’s all.

I’m ever so sorry I mischaracterized the Church’s fine and noble history.


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