The 10 Tweets You Should Never Read Before You Die

A recent smattering of my with and pit…

Short and sweet.

Officially it was “cordrazine” but tri-ox compound sounds much cooler.

A little something for Netflix music buffs.

Suckin’ on the corporate teat is blowin’ in the wind.

It’s the only way I’ll sit still that long.

A brilliant strategy, really. We just got done not giving a fuck. What better time to ask for more money?

This is not an exaggeration. He’s exactly like that kid. Exactly.

Because you don’t know anything about “survival” until you’ve worked on a puzzle.

Some day I’ll finish these lyrics, hire a band, and be a famous folk singer. (Sung to the tune of The Cat Carol.)

“I will not be upstaged by George Lucas,” shouted Abrams. “I get my special editions, too.”

Bringeth forth thy pith and vinegar

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