Happy Holidays from the Abyss

Abyss Christmas

Rare first edition misprint containing the word “Christmas.” Mint in package. Because who would open that shit?

I recently updated by bio to include “singer” and “songwriter.” My dishonesty is your pain. This is where you pay for tuning in.

Behold, the newest member of the Abyss family. A humble little ditty called “My Christmas Song.” Be advised: You should not listen to this.

Fun fact: I was channeling Burl Ives when I laid down the vocal tracks.

Now please enjoy this, my gift to you. It’s the gift of time in the form of one minute of your life you’ll never get back.

Happy holidays!

7 responses

  1. “Songs in the Key of Strife” – giggle, giggle!!!!

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    1. You get me. You really do.


  2. That was a minute & 15,man!
    When you say “No Grandma Songs,” I assume you’re referring to the odious “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer,” the most odious song in the Christmas pantheon. Seriously, it makes “Jingle Bell Rock” look like “O Holy Night.”
    And I don’t care what you say, O Holy Night is sublime. Sublime!


    1. I rounded it down to one minute for your convenience. You’re welcome! Yes, I decided not to lay down tracks for any Christmas songs that contain the word “grandma.” It’s personal.


  3. My three cats are traumatized. And the dog? He//, we can’t peel her off the ceiling!

    Burl, I think you’ve got another hit on your hands.

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    1. If, by “another hit” you mean my song will get 1.5 views, I think you’re onto something there.

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      1. I sold two copies for you today. Consider that Black Friday is upcoming, and don’t forget about sales on Amazon, eBay. You may make it to the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine before 2016!

        Think Gold record by this time next year.

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