Writing This Post

This week I “wrote” a post over on The Nudge Wink Report. Do not go there. Do not look directly at the post.

nudge. wink. report.

metaThis post is going to be meta. It’s going to be about process over form. You can go function yourself.

I realized it was my turn to write something. Again. What is this? A wheel in a gerbil cage? I sure hope I’m generating electricity for someone.

My post ideas were as scarce as the GOP enthusiastically supporting Obama’s initiatives and giving Hillary a thumbs up on Benghazi.

Hmm. What to write about? What’s been in the news lately? Guns? George Zimmerman? Jared Fogel? Ferguson? Amy Schumer’s orgasms? How we all survived yet another “end of days” with the blood super moon? (Thus earning participant ribbons.) Oprah buying Weight Watchers? Drake’s dance moves?! The TPP?

NO!!! I cannot do it.

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One response

  1. Spot-on! I wrote you a thank you, but I think it drifted toward the implosion of that star sucked within the confines of one particular black hole. Carry on, the material is endless over there at the “Pin” shop.

    Seriously funny and a ‘crafty’ idea. 😉 I loved your post.


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