Off the Top of My Head

humanityI’m introducing a new feature here in the salt mines fueled by my insatiable desire to innovate. Off the top of my head I’ve decided to call it Off the Top of My Head. It’s part hair-raising excitement, part brainy thought-provoking ideas, a healthy dose of attitude, a smattering of snark, and, of course, snow drifts of dandruff.

Here’s just a little slice of the all-American pie known as Shit I’m Pondering Lately. This is stuff right Off the Top of My Head. (This post contains very little actual research.)

  • A doctor was diagnosing people with cancer when they did not have cancer. He even gave them chemo.
  • A doctor has been diagnosing women with MS when they did not have MS and putting them on a potentially dangerous battery of expensive medications.
  • Stories about sexual misconduct by doctors when patients are under have been in the news of late.
  • A priest installed a hidden camera that looks like a power outlet in the women’s restroom in his church. Before he could be brought to justice he bravely fled the country. Amen.
  • I’ve always known about the existence of hypocrites yet somehow I can still feign surprise when they are dragged out and exposed to the light of day. The case of John Duggar, a hyper-energetic evangelical Christian (see Quiverfull) is interesting. On one hand he’s an upstanding member of the community and fights for causes he believes in, like the sanctity of marriage (aka “seedbed of virtue”) while serving on an organization known as the Family Research Council. On the other hand he’s paying $250 for an account on, a web site that helps married people have affairs. Absolutely breathtaking.
  • Then there’s the case of Jared Fogle, Subway pitchman and part-time child pornographer. Let’s see. What’s the tally now? Bill Cosby? Horny. Brett Favre? Horny. Anthony Weiner? Horny. Tiger Woods? Horny. John Edwards? Horny. Sandwich guy? Really, really horny. Need I continue? I think I see a trend.

My point? None, really. Except, perhaps, that people like these actually exist. They are out there. They walk among us. They are, like Mr. Rogers likes to say, some of the people in our neighborhoods.

Who has a stronger moral code than humans? Try the humble amoeba. For starters.

Bonus read: Quiverfull of Shit: a Guide to the Duggars’ Scary Brand of Christianity (

12 responses

    1. I enjoy lighting The Way.


  1. Unfortunately that list could go on and on and on. People suck. (Well some people.)

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    1. When I hear too many stories like the above my mind tries to connect the dots. It paints a scary picture.

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      1. Better to try to remember there’s (probably) more decent people in the word than not. It’s just the bad ones hog all the news headlines. And their horrifying antics do make for good blog fodder after all!

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  2. Of the top of my head, I think the top of your head and this new feature “Off the Top of My Head” is heady stuff. Is there room up on the top of your head for me? I have a top. I have a head. It could work. As long at the rent is cheap.

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    1. The top of my head is decidedly not a safe place. It’s very pointy and angular and stuff. But you’re more than welcome to give it a good try. When you inevitably fall that’s known as The Slippery Slope.


  3. Why do famous to quasi-famous people think they won’t ever get caught? Everyone knows the Subway guy, ffs!

    As for the Duggar guy…well, if he didn’t charge the membership to a credit card, then it’s all fine and forgivable, right? We all know to have credit is akin to being in with the devil.

    (insert eyeroll here)

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    1. The audacity of thinking it can be gotten away with is staggering. Almost as much as they hope that we’ll accept meaningless apologies after the shit has hit the fan.


  4. In the priest’s case they were ADULT women? No, no–I’m not saying it’s right, it’s just….well, you know.

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    1. The Catholic priest in question has got it all. Guts, class, bravery, honor, integrity. He just disobeyed an order from his church to return to the United States to take responsibility for his actions.

      “The hidden camera whodunit began April 26, when a 15-year-old parishioner discovered the camera affixed to a bathroom wall near a toilet at waist-height. The device was designed to look like an electrical outlet.

      Instead of contacting the authorities, court records say, Bien made up an elaborate story about a non-existent police investigation. After the boy’s parents continued asking him for updates, Bien weeks later admitted his lie, records say.

      He then went to police and reported the hidden camera missing on May 20, prompting an investigation that quickly focused on him, according to court records.”

      Apparently people of all ages used the facilities.


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