Short Shorts: How to buy a PC

The boss asks for your opinion. “I need a recommendation for a new computer.”

You ask a few questions. Price range? Purpose? Anything special it needs to do?

You take the task seriously. You conduct research. You think outside of the box. You are creative and expend energy. You want to do a good job.

This isn’t your specialty but you try your best. After finding what you think is a pretty good answer, you pass it on.

The next day that boss says, “My spouse told me to buy something else. Something totally different than what you recommended. I’m going with that.”

In a few days the computer shows up. It’s neither. It turns out the boss went for a third option. The very thing you cautioned against way back at the beginning.

The boss now has a stupid piece of shit but it was worth it to put you in your place and make you spin your wheels. It sure can be funny how things work out.

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  1. I used to sell PCs and laptops for a living. It’s frightful how many customers would listen to you, nod like they understand – then buy something else they didn’t really want and that won’t suit their needs. Then of course, they would complain about it.

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    1. The customer is always blight.

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  2. Reblogged this on Living Dilbert and commented:
    This is a typical Bad Boss story a/k/a – they make you do a bunch of stuff for nothing and then don’t listen to you! Some how it’ll end up being my friend Shout’s fault if it causes problems….at least that’s been my experience! Dick.

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    1. Thanks for the reblog. I agree with your prognostications! 🙂

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  3. What s dick move. Such a dick move that I had to repost! He’ll make you get it fixed when it screws up! I’m hoping not, but we know the odds. Good story (bad for you) – made me chuckle all the way down memory lane.

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    1. I didn’t do the story justice. My memory ain’t like it used to be. Just like the memory in that new machine! 🙂

      Always happy to make you chuckle.

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  4. Asking for peoples’ advice and then ignoring it is what I do best. That and driving slow in the left lane.

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