Guru Comic: Dark Times


5 responses

  1. You must’ve really pissed off Siri with your other post, she in turn pulled some computer trick and posted your Guru Comic a whopping 36 times in my reader.

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    1. I blame Skynet. It was not intentional. It must have been the way I clicked the “Publish” button.


      1. For the record, I read about 17 of them before realizing they were actually all the same.


  2. The girl is suffering a bad case of clinical depression, multiple personality disorder too. Sending a message, over and over and over….quick, does Android have a Vixen or a wizard that can communicate to the poor girl? El Pronto!


    1. This guru does not totally understand the question but appreciates the sentiment. He also adds, “Hugs!” It’s a word he’s heard other people use from time to time.

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