Nothing Behind You, Nothing In Sight

Song lyrics I didn’t write. But I like the mood.

Shouts from the Abyss

Nothing Behind You, Nothing In Sight
(Harlan Howard/Ron Peterson)

From Monday till Friday I sell my time
They just want my body; they don’t want my mind
Then I watch that old paycheck just slip through my hands
Can’t even afford cold beer with my friends

Ain’t that a hell of a way to live out your life?
Knowing all your tomorrows will be just alike?
When the worries have stolen the dreams from your mind
And there’s nothing behind you and nothing in sight

From daylight till midnight, her work goes on
Raising our children and making our home
She needs a new dress, but the money’s all gone
And what she needs most is some time all her own


And there’s nothing behind you & nothing in sight

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