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Black Friday 2014…because some people still choose to shop on this crazy day!

Because it contains lots of fun Black Friday images and comics this is my reblog of the week. Enjoy!


shop online

I totally dislike Black Friday.  I think I have only done it once, and that was to buy a dress for a wedding that evening.  I have blogged in the past regarding this, and will include links to those at the end of this blog.  The reason I dislike Black Friday, is I don’t like crowds…and when we start to hear about “keeping safe” tips in regards to shopping, well, let’s just say, I’m happy to stay home and start decorating for Christmas.  Yes, Christmas, not “the holidays”, but Christmas.  That being said, not everyone shares my opinion about Black Friday (yes, you, NKO, who is a professional at Black Friday shopping 🙂 ), so thought I’d pen a quick blog, just in case you care to take your life into your own hands and go shopping.  I, will be partaking in Cyber Friday.  🙂


5 secrets to shopping ONLINE…

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