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  1. Is this the card that Starbucks sent an email about yesterday? The one that had the subject “Last year, this sold out online!” or something like that?

    Lordy. I would mock those falling for marketing ploys, but I’m looking up Lego crap for January. At least coffee is somewhat age appropriate? 🙂

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    1. I believe they were special metal Starbucks cards that sold for $450 and came preloaded with $400 balance. They sold out in “seconds” then went for $1,000 in the after market. It’s the Furby of coffee cards. I’m getting you one for Christmas.


      1. Way to ruin the surprise!

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  2. Loyalty is a dangerous game and if you knew what I do – you might assume a new identity, use cash, wear kevlar, switch to tea – the siren is the logo for a reason. HUGS!


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