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Let’s chat

The promise of cell phones: “I’m a parent and I have to be able to reach my kids.” The reality of cell phones: “Did you see The Real Housewives of #PDX last night?” I’ll bet the lofty reasons happen less often than matching all the balls in the lotto. All hail self-justification.

Shouts from the Abyss

Here’s a little instant chat transcript between me and an associate (codenamed “Xi”) the other day. You must start by reviewing the link that prompted the following exchange…

Xi: that is class
Xi: why do they care so much if you’re on your cell phone
Me: personally i’d guess because it’s rude as hell to relate to another human being (like during a commerce transaction) with one of those things pressed against your face. that’s just my guess, though. 🙂
Xi: and personally I don’t care what anyone at the counter thinks- If I have to call my baby sitter and tell them I”m running late, who are you (as in the counterman) to be offended for my parenting.
Xi: or been on hold with cable company for 45 minutes, Im not about to hang up for the counterman!
Me: hey you set me up 🙂
Xi: lol

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