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Zen Driver

I must like me. When I read the opening line I literally laughed out loud. Why don’t I get paid to spew? Seriously?! I dub this my Self Reblog of the Week. (Don’t watch.)

Shouts from the Abyss

Blue Car at a Red Light near some Green GrassYou’re sitting in your car at a red light. In the lane next to you is a driver in another car.

Question: Does it matter how he got there?

If you’re the typical and average obliviot, the answer is no. You’re too busy yapping on your cell phone, texting, fiddling with the radio, playing with your cigarette lighter, or daydreaming. To you, the guy is just another driver. When the light turns green, it takes a couple of seconds to pierce your consciousness, then you slowly accelerate on your way. Meanwhile, the guy next to you punched it like a drag racer when the light turned green, easily got in front of you, and now you’re eating his dust and slowing to a stop…

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