Daily Archives: October 11th, 2014

SCOTUS Hears Arguments on Compensability of Required Security Screenings Under FLSA

The United States Supreme Court recently heard arguments in a case regarding employees who are required to submit to theft prevention checks after the end of their work shifts and when off the clock. Employers have been pulling “I’m not paying you for your time” crap like this since I was a wee 16-year-old lad working at McDonalds and they said if I didn’t continue working after clocking out I would lose my job. It’s yet another form of intimidation and abuse of employees at the hands of their employers. This article notes that cases of “uncompensated work time” have been increasing. That means this decision by SCOTUS is going to be very important. Will they strike a blow for the underdog or allow companies to grind employees further under their boot heels? Sadly I couldn’t find much coverage of this story in the WordPress blogsphere. I’ll be watching this case with great interest.