Beware the internet. Or maybe not. Just be yourself & don’t, whatever you do, blub

Something random I found and I liked it very much so it’s my reblog of the week. How much should we care and feel about what other people have to say? It’s worth pondering about.


I made a rookie mistake. I did what I’m always telling other’s not to do, especially my teenagers & other young people, so prone to getting their feelings hurt – I let a strangers words on social media get to me.
I’m 39. I should know better. The reason it got to me so much was that I had, on some level, thought the people involved had a mutual liking of me. If I tell this story to my real life friends they’d be laughing at me, saying “Vix, what ARE you on about you silly cow? Some random online? That you’ve never met & are never going to meet & even if you ever did you’d probably not look at them twice anyway. Stop being such a dick”

Yeah. I’m a fool. But I’ve also written about the power of words & how we can really connect with people…

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  1. Words are as sharp as any sword. They can leave wounds as deep as any weapon, and the scars of harsh words continue to inflict pain long after the initial injury.

    It’s impossible to avoid strong words if your pursuit is that of honesty. Inevitably, the truth can be hurtful. The delivery of those words can mitigate the damage though.

    Then, finally, to the receipient of the words, it’s about what sort of psychological armour you can build. Remember what the truth is, and the lies of others have no meaning.


    1. I believe that words can be hurtful. They can cause injury and pain. But I also believe that they can only do so if I allow them to have that power over me. Ultimately, although it may not feel like it, I’m the only one with the power to decide.

      And this goes for “good” words, too. 🙂

      Thanks for the thoughtful input!!


      1. My pleasure! It was a rare moment of clarity on my part and I promise it won’t happen again!


      2. As long as you don’t let it happen again you’ll fit in real good around here.

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