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Beware the internet. Or maybe not. Just be yourself & don’t, whatever you do, blub

Something random I found and I liked it very much so it’s my reblog of the week. How much should we care and feel about what other people have to say? It’s worth pondering about.


I made a rookie mistake. I did what I’m always telling other’s not to do, especially my teenagers & other young people, so prone to getting their feelings hurt – I let a strangers words on social media get to me.
I’m 39. I should know better. The reason it got to me so much was that I had, on some level, thought the people involved had a mutual liking of me. If I tell this story to my real life friends they’d be laughing at me, saying “Vix, what ARE you on about you silly cow? Some random online? That you’ve never met & are never going to meet & even if you ever did you’d probably not look at them twice anyway. Stop being such a dick”

Yeah. I’m a fool. But I’ve also written about the power of words & how we can really connect with people…

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