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  1. I just fancy how randomness can lead one towards trending the very path upon which ones quest for exceptional reasoning is satisfied. But alas! Yahoo password has ‘abyss’ in it, no wonder I had to hear the shouts, sooner or later! My finance professor should read this!
    You made my night resident of the abyss! And by the look of things, I have better reasons to laugh foolishly every day after my evening meal…reading other posts of course. I guess it is the best way to whore with time compared to sitting and planning on what to do with the four motherfucking cents I received from my bank as income in terms of insult money from my 5 Bags of Sand I invested with them a year ago!!!


    1. O! Random providence! Hark! What’s that? A comment on this post?! That decidedly makes it a singular pleasure to make your acquaintance.

      Unless I miss my guess, if we combine resources I do believe we’ll be able to afford an eight-cent stamp. The world is truly our oyster!


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