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Recommended link: Six Habits of Highly Empathic People

I’ve been saying for a couple of years now that I believe empathy is the key to our survival, which is unfortunate because there seems to be a trend away from our current generation to the next. As I’ve said, we’re going to have to figure out a way to teach empathy to our young. There’s more to life that being good consumers and worker units. Education needs to address that because parents who are too busy playing Farmville will not. My reblog of the week talks about how we can strive to be more empathic.

Everybody Means Something


The latest email bulletin from Greater Good has just arrived. It includes a link to this thought provoking piece by Roman Krznaric from November 2012 on how to develop our capacity for empathy. Even though it is unfairly dismissive of introspection, especially as mindfulness and meditation have been proved to enhance empathy as the Greater Good website also testifies, it is none the less worthwhile having a careful look at the habits he recommends. Below is an extract: for the full post, see link.

We can cultivate empathy throughout our lives, says Roman Krznaric—and use it as a radical force for social transformation.

If you think you’re hearing the word “empathy” everywhere, you’re right. It’s now on the lips of scientists and business leaders, education experts and political activists. But there is a vital question that few people ask: How can I expand my own empathic potential?…

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