King Macklemore And The Game Of Thrones

macklemoreThe #poop tag comes back with a vengeance. –Ed.

You just can’t invent stuff like this. King, a county in Washington state, released a music video imploring the public to not put anything in the toilet except “human waste.” Swoon. I may have found a new home. Their song is a parody of Macklemore’s smash hit Thrift Shop.

I admit I’d never heard the song Thrift Shop. I admit I’d never heard of anyone named Macklemore. Is that his first or last name? Or is this a single-name-situation like Madonna, Prince, Sting and Digit?

In an urge to write a post about this parody song, I turned to Google to find a suitable image to adorn my writings. What? Macklemore also did a song about toilets?

Holy shitcans! Sometimes life can be funny. Behold, Simba, the circle of life! Everything goes full circle. Like water swirling down a drain.

But wait. The circle doesn’t end there. This circle has got levels replete with layers, yo.

As far as I can tell, Macklemore is turd. Turds go in toilets. That’s exactly what King County wants you to know. Further, their parody song riffs on the word “fucking” by replacing it with “flushing.” Yes, a government did this. And, finally, to bring it all back home, in his spare time, Macklemore raps about toilets.

Circle. Full. Flush. Repeat.

No crap about it, this could amuse me all day long. And, in an ironic twist of fate, some have criticized the $123,000 spent on the music video as governmental waste. Cover Oregon had their own famous example of this. Has the King of Waste finally been dethroned? (Reportedly $2.9 million was spent on the Cover Oregon TV and radio spots.) Rocky King, the former executive director of Cover Oregon, said that urgent time frames drove the need for the expensive campaigns. They didn’t have a lot of time to get the word out. Yes, King. (No relation to the county.) I told you this was all connected.

You can’t spell “crap” without R-A-P. Kick it! It’s time to tell you busters all about it!

King County had a problem. There was too many non-human waste thingies in the stream. Was it worth spending $123,000 of taxpayer funds to held spread the word? Some people seem to think so. If it was my money I might think that cost was high.

So what’s wrong in the toilet? It turns out that King County doesn’t like “improper waste such as tampons, condoms and disinfectant wipes” going in there. The county reportedly spent $120,000 transporting the improperly flushed waste to landfills last year.

Me? I say, “What? What? Who cares?” I just want to bust a groove on these fine tunes. Enjoy and remember to live free in Oregon!!!

BONUS: An example of a PSA campaign done right.

7 responses

  1. I lived in King county and the sewers are totally screwed up. There is big business in operating a sewer scope for home inspections prior to purchase because fixing a damaged line is $$$$. This post was so disturbing on many levels – I just can’t go into it. Happy to be back in CA even in a time of drought. Californians come up with timeless classics like “if it’s yellow let it mellow” and so on.


    1. The best advice is, of course, never use your toilet. It saves tons of water and avoids any possible problems with the line. You’re welcome!


    2. …final comment – there was this episode of hoarders in Burien just South of West Seattle and let’s just say – some people actually take that advice very seriously. You will never look at a 2 liter bottle the same way. Off to review some WA wines….cheers!


      1. If you ever travel through my neck of the woods there’s a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir in it for you. Willamette Valley.


  2. Oh yes! Willamette Valley – much love to that….only if you throw in a lb of coffee – real sinister gritty – what happens in Portland dies in Portland-keep it on the DL coffee….do you have a hook up? Actually I’ll be in Corvallis for a family reunion soon enough.


  3. Trust you to write a post about poop and score a date with Loie.
    *quirks eyebrow*


    1. Can I help it if I’m able to produce a quaffable vintage?


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