Outside The Box

outside_the_boxWe’ve all been told at some point in our lives to “think outside the box” by some weasel-face jackass, right?

The problem is when your mind is limited, it’s really hard to be aware of how it’s limited. Because, you know, you’re not even aware. True original thought is so contrary to our ingrained pre-programmed mental pathways that if we actually had one it would bite us in the ass.

Perhaps heart attacks and strokes are merely the symptoms of people who’ve experienced an original thought. Hey, I’ll bet that’s an original thought right there. Ugh. What’s this tingling in my fingers? Oh, pretty rainbow colors. My head hurts.


Oops. Sorry about that. I’m back. Turns out it wasn’t an original thought after all. Just the same old thing that always when I happen to stand up too fast. I’ll try to be more careful so we can get this damn post over and done with.

What are rules? As I’ve often said, those are self-limiting paradigms recognized by suckers. Losers follow the rules. Winner do whatever it takes to win. Winners truly think outside of the box.

Imagine life is like a game of Monopoly. You toss the dice and roll a seven. You reach out, grab your little doggie token and count out your moves.

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… Aw, shucks. Luxury tax! Guess I gotta pay.

Your opponent, however, just like in the real game of life, isn’t so constrained. If he rolls something he likes, fine. That helps maintain the illusion. But if he rolls something he doesn’t like, he yells, “Whoa! Look at the size of that preying mantis on your houseplant. Plunk, I just missed your hotel on Boardwalk. Ha ha! Gimme my $200 bucks!” He doesn’t even bother with the pretense of counting.

A more realistic example would be swiping the hotel and putting it on one of his properties then making you pay. Yeah, that’s nice work when you can get it.

What’s the point of playing a game if only one person, aka the sucker, pretends that rules exist?

To the victor go the spoils. Things like wealth, power, privilege, comfort, celebrity and more. Just ask Lance Armstrong. He was living the dream for a while. But if you had to cheat to get things like that, they end of tasting bitter and have no meaning, right?

Um, don’t they?

Wait. Maybe just once I should give it a try.

Meanwhile the sucker is playing with a stick in the dirt and telling himself things like, “Dude, money can’t buy you love. At least I’ve got my health. I’ve got fresh air in my lungs and the warmth of the sun on my face. Life is beautiful.”

Heh. Look at the sucker playing by the rules and talking to his imaginary friend. Let’s flatten him with my Learjet but don’t scratch the paint.

Not only does he play by the rules, he’s actually against cheating. Some quaint notion of ethics and morals and fair play, I guess. He can recognize some limited forms of cheating when done by others but the thing is, his mind is so limited, he can’t imagine the grand scale of what’s really going on around him. True outside-the-box thinking to him is like the ancient Aztecs trying to see the Cortez fleet out on the ocean. It’s so alien to his brain that it becomes invisible to him and he’s not even aware he’s missing out.

That’s pretty much the scale at which modern life operates.

I deleted the rest of this post. It got pretty vile. See? I just did you a solid. I guess I still have my sense of fair play after all. You’re welcome.

6 responses

  1. Do you think this will ever change? I’d like to think there’s some hope that it will.

    But probably not until the day those who abuse those less fortunate wake up to find they’ve been so busy making a buck and taking a buck away from someone who needs it (all the while not paying an equitable share of taxes) that the entire working middle class and those eking out a life around or under the poverty line can no longer afford to buy anything the rich made their fortune on in the first place.

    What happens then? But maybe I shouldn’t ask you that question…you’ll want to add back in the part you deleted. (Still trying to find the humor and it’s hard. Damn hard.)


    1. The longer I live the less I believe that humans have that sort of change within them. It’s their nature. (I’m using an outsider’s POV because I opted out of the human race a long time ago.) The sheep realized they could take out the wolf but decided that changing the status quo wasn’t worth the risk. The system rolled along…


  2. I’d like to think the wheels will turn the other way soon, for the middle class, but at what price?


    1. The current paradigm is not sustainable. It would be interesting to be around with a big tub of popcorn with butter flavoring and watch what happens when humanity reaches some limits inherent in the system that can’t be wished away. I’ll bet it will be interesting. As an old boss used to say, “Change is not necessary. Survival is not mandatory.”


  3. Is my playing by the rules in Monopoly directly correlated to my terminally middle class existence? Is my choice of the little iron token an indicator that I’ll need to press the wrinkles out of my own clothes for all eternity and never have a Dominican housekeeper to do it instead? Does my jail time play into this? I’m switching to Parcheesi.


    1. I’m sorry to say, but if you even know that rules exist, you have already lost the game to those willing to do absolutely anything to accomplish their goals.

      Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for you.


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