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Addressed to chill

The topic of guns is on my mind. I can’t imagine why. I found this thoughtful post and did something unusual: I read the whole thing. Agree or disagree, I found the tone reasonable and the arguments compelling, and want to show my support for the causes the author supports. If you are concerned about guns I think it’s worth a read.

Beth Byrnes

flying into Athens

Landing in Frankfurt airport one summer during high school, we suddenly realized we had dropped into the midst of menacing signs and barked warnings about terror threats and hijackings. That was my first brush with extreme force. Later, visiting Brazil, I ran into it again as military police, in full regalia, seemed to be posted on every corner. Then, Geoffrey and I went on what was supposed to be a romantic trip to Greece. It was one of the most beautiful countries I had ever seen on approach. Emerging in Athens, however, we entered a completely different world. Everywhere we looked, there were tall, green-eyed soldiers in uniform, with formidable machine guns slung over their shoulders. It was frightening and even though I loved Greece, I couldn’t wait to leave, just to get away from those terrifying weapons and the demeanor of the men who wore them.

special police force

Earlier this week, I got an email from the group that is working on behalf of a parent who lost…

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