Meaning Of Life Discovery

bigfishsmallpondDad used to say, “No one ever said life is fair.” I’m pretty sure that’s a lie. Someone, no doubt delusional or hopped up on drugs, must have said it at least once. Duh.

Dad got a lot of shit wrong. Dead wrong. But he was right about this one. And how. Dad wasn’t always a liar. Sometimes he was a master of understatement.

In fact, dad didn’t go far enough. Not by a long shot. Allow me to take a stab at it.

Life is completely unfair. In every possible way. And humans deliberately do what they can to obliterate any residue if it ever accidentally exists. Period. Bar none.

Oh yeah. Dad also like to say “bar none.” A lot. And, for some reason, “burlap,” but that’s another story.

Fairness is a lot like a hypothetical element on the periodic table. It doesn’t occur in nature but it can be created in special conditions in the lab where it will last a nansecond. Good times.

So, there you have it.

  1. We want what we want. It’s hardwired in.
  2. Might makes right. We take what we want.
  3. If rule #2 fails us, we lie, cheat and steal to get what we want. Forms may include begging, deception, obsequience, brain washing, DNA splicing and more. Pretty much the entire range of human behavior comes into play.
  4. Many are destined to never get what they want.
  5. Bitch a lot or optimistically go after what you want. The outcomes are ultimately the same.

Might makes right? Look around and study the world through this prism. I’ve been trying it, just for fun. Wow. What a dizzying array of breathtaking examples. Whoever coined this phrase could open a mint. If you can get away with something, no matter what it is, just do it.

The beauty of might makes right is that no other rules apply. Not laws, morality, ethics, values, mores, courtesy, higher powers or good form. That’s all just a bunch of bullshit. I have the power. I’m taking what I want. The end.

Life, by definition, cannot be fair. It’s biology. Every life form is born with different characteristics. There’s no malice or favoritism. It is what it is. Joe is born and grows to be 7′ tall. He’s going to have increased odds of being a basketball player. Tom Thumb at 2’6″ tall doesn’t have quite the same chances. Life has spoken.

Physical attributes, mental powers, acuity of the senses: There are billions of ways for us to biologically differ.

Fairness is a concept, wielded by humans, which is completely artificial. It simply cannot exist, not even when the effort is actually made. It turns out that no one has the energy to sustain such an attempt for any meaningful period of time.

The fact that I’m actually writing about this from the viewpoint of an American with an artificially-inflated standard of living is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. American arrogance. So typical.

The truth is humans have the ingenuity to achieve real fairness but it would require everyone working together and considerable effort. Simply put, that’s not going to happen. Fairness is not sustainable.

Now get out there and win something meaningless for the Gipper. Or not. Either way it’s pretty much all the same.

9 responses

  1. NotAPunkRocker | Reply

    “Fairness is not sustainable”

    Very good point.


    1. Thanks. I was proud of that one. 🙂


  2. This post will end up being the genesis of a new reality tv show.


    1. Will it be called Father Knows Jack Shit?


  3. Snoring Dog Studio | Reply

    Better for parents to teach their kids that life sucks? I don’t know. There has to be a balance – some hope offered to the little ones, because if not, by the time they reach grade school, they’ll be on their way to depression and a host of other psych problems for life.


    1. Kids, like their full-grown counterparts, can only handle so much truth. Self-delusion is a big part of life. The thing is, I didn’t believe half of what dad had to say. In your heart of hearts you knew that people weren’t supposed to cut in front of the line, bad people went to jail and innocent people never accidentally went to jail and/or got executed by the state. We knew on some level that “life wasn’t fair” but we optimistically clung to the belief that it was. Maybe “not fair” isn’t the right way to put it. Maybe it’s just all scrambled and collectively we don’t care enough to fix anything?


  4. Hmmm, you have inspired me to write a blog about how much life sucks. I plan to rip off you a lot. Or at least reference you. Good post.


    1. I knew there was more to say on this topic! I look forward to your interpretation. And thanks!


  5. “The truth is humans have the ingenuity to achieve real fairness but it would require everyone working together and considerable effort. Simply put, that’s not going to happen. Fairness is not sustainable.”

    But still, it is something to choose to strive for — even in the face of all that works against it.


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