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Dim speakerphones, emails and etiquette

The random blast from the past answers the age old question: What is guru like in a corporate environment? This is an especially important read for those who are considering the retainment of my services. By the way, I’m no longer afraid to identify that “alpha dog” department. Yep, it was Advertising. Those motherfuckers. Now the story makes even more sense than before.

Shouts from the Abyss

I fight authority, authority always wins

This morning Twitter washed up a tweet at my feet. It caught my eye and provided inspiration for today’s ramblings.

The tweet said, “Have you ever sent an embarrassing email or text? Find out how can you possibly recover from that?!” And it linked to this post: What to Do After Sending an Embarrassing Text or Email.

That blog did make some good points. Like how easy it is to make honest mistakes and send messages where you didn’t really intend. Oops. Now the main theme of the blog, politeness, is no extra-special concern of mine, but I don’t necessarily enjoy going out of my way to make people upset. For example, I’d actually feel bad if any of the douchebags in my life ever found out what I’d written about them here behind their backs and in front of the whole internet…

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