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Our store is open and closed

Sometimes I like to relive the glory days of yesteryear. That boss. What a character! This post came up at random and gets another turn in the barrel because it never got any love and died too young. The posts that got completely ignored are very special to me. They are my children.

Shouts from the Abyss

Open Closed. This is my Monday post, so how about another bitch-fest about work? Hell, yeah! That seems apropos.

Some things overheard in the office last week:

Skeweeeeeeeeennnnggghhhhhhhkkk! Plop-plop-plop!
Hint: That’s the sound of my boss hocking up loogies and them plopping them into the wastebasket under his desk. In other news, I stopped by Staples today, picked up a new wastebasket for under my desk and will never again touch another wastebasket besides mine. Ever.

See? If I had marked that item as out-of-stock I never would have talked them into that other product.
Said by my boss after cross-selling a customer on a product our web site has listed as “in stock.” Recently customers have become increasingly combative when us innocents answer the phone, check the shelves, and say things like, “Nope. We don’t seem to have any.”

What do you mean you don’t have any? Your web…

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