Punt/Counterpunt: #Selfie

punt-counterpuntThis is first in a new series of posts I’m calling Punt/Counterpunt. In this provocative new regular feature, I tackle the tough societal issues of the day. Issues that we all see staring down the barrel. To help, I humbly offer my insights in short miroblogging nuggets of wisdom. -Ed.

The Selfie

With the inclusion of the word “selfie” in the Oxford Dictionary the time has come for me to punt on this topic. Warning: Don’t ever ever Google Image Search this word, like in case you are preparing to write a blog post about the topic. Your eyes will burn and roll down your face like jelly in a George R. R. Martin novel.

You have been warned.

And now, without further ado, the puntage:

Make the jump for more.

5 responses

  1. thenarcissistwrites | Reply

    Lol, those are some great tweets 😀


  2. So, wait. Are you pro or con selfie? 🙂


    1. I know the title of the series implies that at least two points of view will be presented. That’s part of the lie. Call it a calculated and deliberate move on my part.

      On the other hand, no one has to actually look at me. There’s a silver lining in every cloud, I guess.


  3. Hey, love the new look of your blog, but I’ve liked the previous incarnations, as well. Now, on to the topic at hand or at face. About face! Or “volte-face” as they say in France, or as I imagine they say in France.

    Thanks for the compilation. Nothing in your about presidential selfies?

    I’ve never taken a selfie, because what would I do with it? I’ve spent my life hiding behind a camera, why step in front of it now?

    I’m now going to bore you with a long story about how taking a selfie by accident led to my losing my phone, and how I felt lost without it and roamed around Taos, New Mexico, bellowing in the rain like a lost calf. My phone, my phone, has anyone seen my phone?

    I noticed that there was a selfie on my phone accidentally taken when I was fumbling with it, and I showed my friend my goofy photo. I didn’t put my phone back very carefully, it must have fallen from the car when I was dashing through the rain to the motel. I wailed and gnashed my teeth, made numerous tours of the puddle-filed parking lot, drove back to the restaurant TWICE and banged on the locked door (Just in case we looked at the selfie at the restaurant, not in the car). I handed out my friend’s cell phone number, went to the manager’s office TWICE. My friend called my phone many times. Funny thing was that the whole time the phone was sitting on the stair rail outside our door, where someone had kindly placed it after finding it. I finally had he sense to look there. It was slightly scratched, wearing a few rain drops, but was otherwise unscathed. I felt so, so relieved, but I didn’t celebrate with a selfie showing my happy relief. There, end of long, boring story.


  4. By the way, my Dad always said Pith and Vinegar. However, Pith was spelled with two s. Now how do you make that plural?


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