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Human spam at home and on the road

Oh, Random Post function. You know me so well. Here I sit stewing in my own bile and you served up a delightful accompaniment for my regurgitation of the week. I re-read this post and felt even worse. That means it’s working! About the only thing I’d add is the fake nice door-to-door meat/seafood sales guy who was the friendliest sort you’d ever hope to meet right up to the point where the word “no” entered the conversation. That’s right, “no.” As luck would have it we were sitting in our own home and minding our own business when you intruded into our lives. We were not actively seeking an opportunity to spend $300 on a box of meat of completely unknown origin. Go figure. And the minute he heard the word no? He transformed into a snarling ravenous bugblatter beast. Outstanding! That’s for the immediate feedback that choosing to not buy from you was one of the best decisions we ever made. Even if we wanted a $300 box of mystery meat. Which we did not. Enough intro. Please enjoy the bile.

Shouts from the Abyss

Have you ever noticed how driving down the street in your own town is remarkably similar to surfing the internet? There are the real life versions of lies, false claims, pop up ads, rotating banners, yada yada yada.

Think about it.

In our town the big craze these days is what I call “Las Vegas style signs.” These are essentially giant televisions that are extremely visible to drivers. That’s a great idea, right? Distracting drivers of cars? Yeah. Great idea. It might even cause them to text message the wrong person in their address book!

As the price of these kinds of signs has come down the local merchants have slobbered all over themselves to get in on them. These are the same merchants who continually violate our city’s sign code with banners hanging on walls and fencing, signs that exceed dimensional limits, sandwich boards blocking sidewalks, etc. Another favorite…

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