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despairHave you ever been crushed
Under the weight of your own bones
Like being trapped in a restaurant
Where there are too many phones
Living in a society with more
Information than has ever been known
Where every single person is lost

–Loosely paraphrased and based on lyrics by Rob Wynia

Empathy: A Superpower

This is my reblog of the week. It’s a nice look at empathy. The video, one I’ve seen before, is excellent and worth a look. The article starts by mentioning a hero where empathy is her magical power. What a neat idea. If you know how I feel about empathy then you already know I think this post is a great way to shore up thoughts about empathy in your own brain! 🙂

Nicole Fronda

Photo credit: http://microrrelatososhortstories.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/think-empathy-sympathy/ Photo credit: http://microrrelatososhortstories.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/think-empathy-sympathy/

I recently reviewed a book by Michelle Tea called The Mermaid in Chelsea.  Go ahead and check that out if you like, but it takes the form of any typical YA fantasy, coming-of-age, hero’s journey where the main character discovers she has inherited a special, magical power that will help her save the world.  The way the book describes her power is much cooler than how I’m going to put it, but quite simply the hero’s power is just a heightened form of empathy.

Makes sense though, right?  The world would be a much nicer place if everyone practiced a little more empathy.  Yet, despite how often the word gets thrown around, people generally still find it difficult to empathize effectively.  That’s why I like to chalk up empathy as a rare superpower.  It’s something that everyone should want to attain.  But unlike nightvision or flying, you…

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