BlogFestivus – Day Nine: And to all a good night!

In honor of Snowmegeddon here’s a flashback to BlogFestivus of yesteryear courtesy of the Random Post function. It’s a regurgitation snow job.

Shouts from the Abyss

blogfestivus-20122And to all a good night!
by Tom B. Taker

Just off a frantic Buenos Aires street was a small avenue no one ever noticed. It was the dog days of summer and heat was rising up from the asphalt. Along the avenue was a café where a reindeer named Rudolph sat alone at a corner table. A straw fedora was pulled low and obscured his face. He was sipping a mojito. The day’s edition of La Nación was folded across his lap.

On the table was a can of Barbasol shaving cream. No one seemed to think that was odd.

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5 responses

  1. Wow! Your reindeer went gangsta! Mine were just acting out for the sake of “reality” tv!


    1. Sorry I missed it the first time around. I’ll be over to take a look. Thanks!


      1. That was so much fun — I’m so glad we have BlogFestivus!


  2. […] and drawing inspiration from my new buddy Tombee Taker who just re-blogged his BlogFestivus post (, I’m throwing this one back out there into the […]


    1. Thanks for the shout out!


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