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Criticism and Civil Discourse

A thoughtful piece on criticism, civil discourse, presidents like Bush and Obama, Justin Bieber and more. I know I just ripped on Bieber recently but this post makes some good points. It’s my reblog of the week.


I just read an article that asked readers to state why they felt the Presidency of Bush the Younger was such a failure, and with few exceptions, the readers criticized President Obama instead.  That is not to say Obama doesn’t deserve criticism, but it completely glosses over the question in general, and possibly one of the worst Presidents in American history in particular.  Bush was in charge when the Twin Towers were attacked, he authorized the invasion of a country – Iraq – under falsified pretenses, he failed to catch Osama bin Laden, and he presided over the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.  Simply put, there was a lot to criticize, yet 90% of the replies addressed Obama, or as they called him, Odumbo, Oblamo and the Liar-in-Chief (and those are the printable names.)

When did abstract thought become such a lost art.

As an Independent, I have…

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