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This week’s bit of regurgitation (self repost) is only eight days old. It’s from the Nudge Wink Report where I’m a periodic field reporter. On Saturday, Jan. 25th, I woke up and said, “Oh, crap. I have a deadline looming.” (It was already overdue.) So I picked a topic (The Biebs), googled up a few images and pounded out this … stuff. But I didn’t publish it. I was heading out of town on my big Cornering Oregon trip and, frankly, I thought the piece might have gone a little too far. So I saved it as a draft and asked my colleague for help. “Do you think I should actually publish this?” I asked. “I think it’s mean-spirited and vile.” That wasn’t my original intention but sometimes my writing takes me places. Luckily someone else had the guts to make the publishing decision. It then went on to win accolades on Freshly Pressed, only the second time this has ever happened to me. It’s nice to earn recognition from your blogging peers. (No insult intended.) I hope you enjoy my take on Bieber’s personal growth.

nudge. wink. report.

Look, I get it. I really do. I can fire up my social umbrage with the best of them.

A celebrity did something stupid?

Oh, goodie! Was it a tweet that they’ve since deleted but 50 million people saved as screenshots and is now being freely distributed on Tumblr so they’ll be forced to issue a quasi-apology absolutely devoid of any possible meaning?

No. Well, is it the next best thing? Does it involve sex and drugs? Criminal activity? Is it a scandal?

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