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Salubrious Basterds

Long story short, my wife went to urgent care recently and paid full price (cash) for a diagnosis and prescription that didn’t do jack shit. She waited a week then asked for a follow-up visit. Nope! Not only is a second visit for a misdiagnosis still full price, but the price has actually gone up because of the new year. I’m like, I gotta get in on this doctorin’ biz because where else can you demand top dollar for being completely wrong? Salubrious basterds!

Shouts from the Abyss

Note: This post satisfies the legal requirements of my earlier post entitled “Blog improv.” That’s where I asked for some random words. I will now use those words in this post. The random words, in addition to “Salubrious” which is used in the subject line, will be highlighted when they are used. Enjoy! –Abyss

The doctor will fee you now!

Is your doctor all that and a bag of chips? Is your doctor the cat’s meow?

I don’t know. You tell me. How do you feel about someone who says, “Sure, I’ll help you with something important like your health.” You know, that life and death stuff. Almost as important as a new episode of Jersey Shore. “But I’ll only do it for something akin to every penny you make for the next twenty years. Deal?”

Wow. That’s just awesome! And to think I’m such…

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