That Logic is Gay

Humans tend to get into trouble when failures of logic fail to kill them.

That’s because a logic failure that doesn’t produce death is interpreted by our evolutionary brains as “success.” The more complex the logic the greater the opportunity for a false assumption of a logic win.

That’s all. Let’s explore our sexualities together a simple example.

“Gay people can’t reproduce.”


That must make managing teh gay very, very easy. Simply cull from the herd anyone missing reproductive organs, right?

It appears that some people are suffering from the delusion that sexual orientation is binary and that there is an invisible force field (perhaps God) that prevents gay from intermingling with straight and vice versa.


the_internet_never_lies_part_2_640_50See if you can follow this logic:

  • A straight person can have sex with the same sex.
  • A gay person can have sex with the opposite sex.
  • When people of the opposite sex have sex, they can make babies.

Any questions?

Logic suggests that all people who have ever existed (even logically cross-circuited people like you) came from heterosexual activity. Yet gay people still exist.

How can that possibly be explained? Where the hell did all teh gay come from in the first place? It’s not like there was a Rainbow Era where gay people made their own babies.

Don’t tell God that I told you this, but straight people can make teh gay. Gay people can also make teh gay. Gay babies are made by people, not an orientation.

Does a single heterosexual experience make a gay person straight? Does a single gay experience make a straight person gay? Does that automatically mean they are bisexual? No. That starts to get into the gray area based on the fact that sexual orientation is not a simple binary condition.

The reasons for this are a bit more complex, but basically it boils down to the idea that you have an innate identity that is separate from your behavior. You don’t have to have ever engaged in sexual activity to have a sexual orientation. Maybe you are straight and have never touched the opposite sex. This sounds reasonable to most people, especially (I imagine) monks and eunuchs. For some strange reason, the inverse idea seems to give some people fits. It’s possible to be homosexual and have never had sex with anyone of the same gender.

Thus, orientation is not the result of a behavior. It is something more innate than that.

Hopefully I’ve provided enough here to provoke attempts at reason and thought. I wish to close with one last thought: How many resources does our society squander away while wrestling with issues like gay marriage? What good could have been accomplished if we had expended those resources in a more humane manner, like reducing pain and suffering?

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  1. Snoring Dog Studio | Reply

    People are so frightened of the different-from-themselves. They then seek some scripture to help them justify their hatred and confusion. The only way they can manage the fear they have is by condemning whole groups of people. It’s a remarkably profound statement in the pic – yes – we’ll stop having gay and straight people when we all stop having babies.


    1. Fear of the different could be a justification for just about every shitty thing humans do to each other from the kindergarten playground to how countries interact on a global scale. We never seem to learn. We’re apparently a race of adult kindergarteners.


  2. Thanks Shout for telling it like it is/or at least how it should be. Since when is producing children the measure of your success/love? It’s hard to be so ignorant when you know someone who is gay and also know their story. I can testify that both my husband and I are practicing heterosexuals yet still managed to crank out a gay son. When he was married in October in a backyard wedding, his straight brother actually got all misty-eyed. šŸ™‚


    1. And thank you for providing empirical evidence to support my logics! šŸ™‚

      Everyone deserves a chance to be with a person they love. Period.


  3. I just find it’s easier to hate everyone.


    1. What? You well know that the shortest distance between two points is a “straight” line. How dare you?


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