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The Two Days of Christmas

This year we’re staring down the barrel at the Tue/Wed version of the Christmas holiday. It’s not ideal, but it’s also not the worst. Here I explain how the placement of Christmas day on the weekly calendar works and why it matters.

Shouts from the Abyss

What Boss Is This?

Which is the reason for the season? Business or Christmas? Or, perhaps, the business of Christmas? It can get complicated. And it depends on many factors.

Of course, if your boss is Scrooge, you can pretty well guess how it’s all going to go down, right? Suddenly it’s all too simple.

My last two bosses have a lot in common. No need to rehash the whole thing. In short, they both love to eat money, they both are in retail, and they both have fake Photoshopped pictures of their business on their websites. They both consider themselves to be virtuous paragons of Christianity, too.

And they both hate to shut down for any holiday.

The day after Thanksgiving? No brainer. We’re open, of course. They’ll reluctantly shut down for the big day, but that’s it. Go on. Take the time with your family. Enjoy the day…

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