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Tolerance and the Duck Dynasty debacle

I’ve been feeling dark about how we as Americans have been treating each other recently. But rather than stay dark I decided to go with a more upbeat tone for this week’s reblog. The topic is the Culture War fracas over Ducky Dynasty, a TV show I have never seen.

Lark & Bloom


Okay, everyone take a deep breath. We are gonna get through this post in one piece, I promise. 

I went to bed last night having read the news about Phil from Duck Dynasty being suspended for anti-gay remarks. There was such a heaviness in my gut as I tried to go to sleep. It wasn’t anger or frustration… it was sadness.

I’m not a lawyer but I am assuming the same rights that give Phil the freedom to say what he believes  (although, the word choices could have been better) are the same rights that allow A & E to employ who they want. And if A & E isn’t allowed the right to choose employees that align with their values or beliefs, then that means a  Christian run business is also not allowed to choose employees that align with their values & beliefs. So, I’m not here to bash…

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