BlogFestivus: Old Weezer Ebenezer

ebenezerThis story is the first of a five-part series of 200-word stories for BlogFestivus, A Christmas Carol. Check out the links (at the bottom of this post) to all the participating “ghost” writers for this year’s challenge. I suspect you’re in for some dark, yet jolly, days ahead. -BD

Old Weezer Ebenezer
by Tom B. Taker

Ebenezer Scrooge, perched in his private box overlooking the pavilion, permitted himself the luxury of the barest ghost of a smile. It was as cold as the dickens but there was nothing quite like being filled with the Christmas spirit to keep the chill at bay. A wee nip in the flask didn’t hurt, either.

His eyes twinkled like Old Saint Nick himself as they caught a jerk of movement from the foreman. ‘Twas the signal that the preparations were complete. His crooked nose twitched involuntarily.

With all the dignity his aged body could summon, he slowly stood and shuffled to the podium. He nodded and the foreman whisked a tarpaulin away, revealing a grand statue of Ebenezer himself.

happy-fill-in-the-blank blogfestivus“With this monument,” he announced, “we celebrate a great day. At last, all of the remaining poor have been terminated.”

A muted cheer rippled lamely through the assembled throng. Fools, he thought with a snort. Moments to savor like this didn’t occur all that often.

He raised mitten-covered hands and waited for his workers to settle down. They huddled together and looked to him with their expectant faces.

“With them gone … you are the new poor.”

He grinned.

“You’re fired!”

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11 responses

  1. Dayum…that was harsh, even for Scrooge!


    1. LOL! Yeah. Something tells me he’s just getting warmed up, too. 🙂


  2. Ha! Everything old is new again.


    1. Obviously this touching story made you feel like dancing!


  3. You promise negativity. I love a man who keeps his promises. Your play on words once again shocks and awes me.

    I give this post five jingles of the Xmas balls…I mean bells.


    1. Meet me in person and you’ll truly understand shock and awe. Thanks for noticing my subtle negativity. That means a lot. Oh, balls.


  4. Holy crap. Nice job.


    1. Exactly what I was hoping to hear. Thanks!


  5. A very well-written story, ‘Tom.’ Your imagery is terrific, and the buildup to the ending couldn’t be better. I like it.


    1. Yo! What’s with the quotes around Tom? Are you accusing me of being someone else? Okay, it’s true. Tom is not my real name. Oops. 🙂

      Thanks for the high praise. Truly. That kind of comment really makes me feel like an imposter.


  6. Awww — it’s a Jack Welch Christmas! 🙂


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