Hyppo and Critter: Bottom Top Charity

Hyppo and Critter

Critter don’t seek the limelight. Remember, he’s just a humble average department store worker.

But it can be a little hard to swallow when he sees Hyppo jaunting to and fro metropolises in his Learjet, drinking champaign, eating caviar, and getting hospital wings erected with his name embossed on the side.

Who’s the true hero here?

Source assumptions used for mathematical calculations:

Disclaimer: This strip assumes that Hyppo and Crittter worked the same number of hours per year. In real life we all know that would be a heaping bunch o’ bullshit.

4 responses

  1. Well, playing devil’s advocate (and I do see your point), if I’m a fat cat who donates 2.7% of my income (as opposed to Critter’s greater sacrifice at 4.2%), I’m still coughing up $2.52 mil, which even in 2013 dollars is a lot of money.

    Where we disagree completely is the idea that $2.52 mil will get you your own eponymous hospital wing; it’s gotta be a lot more than that. If it were only 2.52, I’d be hitting up everyone I knew & putting a Pay Pal link on my site. It would be so awesome to tell people that thousands of lives per year were saved by the dedicated staff at Our Lady of Smaktakula.


    1. Playing devil’s advocate is fine and dandy! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      Our Lady of Smaktakula is in my will and will inherit the Abyss fortune although I doubt it’s enough for a wing. It might be enough for a cup of coffee unless Starbucks raises their prices again. I sincerely hope this amount of wealth doesn’t motivate anyone to speed up my demise. I deliberately left the tip section blank.

      I think the effect of the percentages is even worse than indicated because the poor person is likely diverting money from things like food, clothing and shelter. The choices made by the wealthy person likely pertain to the number of Learjets in the private fleet.


  2. This post, Guru. I think I got a lump of coal caught in my throat.


    1. Breath deep and savor that flavor in your lungs. For a short time coal was floated as a substitute for tobacco. It’s a win win!


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