Hyppo and Critter: True Lazy

Hyppo and Critter

8 responses

  1. I love that you never give up. *grin*


    1. Yeah, I’m a veritable energizer bunny. Too bad, too, because I could have used those batteries for something else.

      I tried hard to avoid making this strip as mean-spirited as a lot of the hyperbole flying around these days. How did I do?


      1. I think you hit the middle ground. If everyone else aimed for the same spot, life would be a bit nicer.


  2. Wait, a new character?


    1. Oh, he’s flitted around these here parts before. His name is Wes Tern Gall. His breed is Politician Parrot or Elected Egret. I can’t remember which.

      I think the one and only time he was ever seen was in this vicinity. Say hi to him for me!


    1. Thinking outside the box!


  3. Do we have to show our work?


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