A Bit Too Mavericky? Palin Declares Pope Francis To Be A Suspect Liberal

This was a busy week for Sarah Palin, currently out on yet another tour promoting her new book, “Good Tidings, Great Joy” about the war on Christmas. Palin was first critical of the Pope, then offered a quasi-apology to the Pope, blaming her failure to think before opening her mouth on the media. Classic Palin, I know! 🙂


SarahPalin170px-Francisco_(20-03-2013)Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is warning people about Pope Francis. Palin told CNN that the Pope’s statements of tolerance and accommodation have “taken her aback” but that she hopes that it is just another misrepresentation by liberal mainstream media. We have discussed how inspiring Pope Francis has proven to Catholics and non-Catholics alike by shedding the trappings of the papacy and living a simple and humble life of a priest. More importantly, he has reached out to gays, atheists and others in a way that is truly historic. In this short time as Pope, he is credited with bringing large numbers of people back to churches in the West. However, Palin is uneasy with the Pope for the very same reasons that people are rallying around him.

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2 responses

  1. I don’t attend a church but consider myself a spiritual seeker trying to become a better human being. (And subscribing to this blog has significantly helped me toward that goal. 🙂
    I love Pope Francis! The one before him was kinda scary and rigid. And what does Mrs.”You Betcha” know about the Catholic religion and Pope Francis? Nothing. If she really cares about the survival of “family values,” why doesn’t she address the end of Thanksgiving due to early Christmas shopping on that day? Oh, right, she and Todd are taking the family down to the Wasila Wal-Mart right after an early dinner to get a head start.


  2. Oh my. Sarah Palin is one of the few people in the world who makes me drop F-bombs on a regular basis.


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