Shouts From The Abyss wins Hall of Fame

golden-poopMEDIA RELEASE

Shouts From The Abyss blog selected to the Shouts From The Abyss Hall of Fame

By Tom B. Taker
November 6, 2013

Abyssia City, The Abyss – After nauseating audiences continually since September, 2009, the Shouts From The Abyss (SFTA) blog is the 2013 selection to the Shouts From The Abyss Hall of Fame. This is the first nomination for the blog. This is the inaugural year for the Hall of Fame itself.

The selection committee, consisting solely of blogger Tom B. Taker, cast the deciding ballot for SFTA. The vote was unanimous.

Blog publisher, Tom B. Taker, was visibility shaken upon hearing the news. “You love me,” he said to himself. “You really love me.”

In a short ceremony in an undisclosed office/bedroom, Taker appeared in his underwear to accept the award. He was accompanied by two cats, El Guapo Picard Tutankhamun Taker and Tilly Taker.

Initially Taker refused the award, stating repeatedly, “I didn’t do it” and referred to his policy that prohibits acceptance of anything imported from Nigeria. He eventually capitulated, though, and proudly accepted the traditional Golden Poop of the Abyss. He then angrily yelled “get out” bringing the festivities to a close. No legitimate media attended the event.

A spokesperson for the Hall of Fame selection committee later announced that the program is being disbanded. Taker will be given 14 days to surrender the award.


Tom B. Taker, Media Relations
C/O Shouts From The Abyss Hall of Fame
1212 Sewertown Rd. Ste. SQRT(-1)
Office: Food Cart


16 responses

  1. Did you have to put your hands in wet poop to immortalise yourself?


    1. Yes. That’s over on the Abyssywood Walk of Shame.


  2. Hahaha…..your warped brain is one of the things I admire most!!


    1. I fail to see which part was warped. That must be what caught the attentive eye of the judge. This whole affair has been even more exciting than that time my name was printed in the phonebook. At last, I’m finally somebody! 🙂


  3. You must be so proud!


    1. Who says good things can’t happen? Oh yeah, I do.


  4. The golden poop is so intense its aroma kills wasps who fly over it.


    1. Aye, the golden poop is powerful.


  5. Now you’ll be inducted into the Hollywood Hall of Fame as a one-hit wonder.

    I liked the idea of this award. I could have been a contender.


    1. Thanks. I’m sorry, but you don’t meet the eligibility requirements. You have a personality.


      1. Maybe more than one.


  6. Um… congrats! 🙂


    1. Thanks! Did you see the video of the champagne being popped and me dancing and kissing the trophy? Because, don’t.


      1. Um, yeah … I’ll pass on that video, thangyuvurrymuch. 😉


  7. You had me at the underwear attire and the two cat audience, but I’m praying the “Get Out” wasn’t directed at them. Congrats on both establishing and receiving this prestigious award. You earned it!


    1. LOL, no. I would never been mean to the cats. The “get out” was directed at ye olde award recipient. I hate that guy.


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