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Don We Now Our Slay Apparel

And inciteful and intelligent take on the holiday hubbub and brouhaha by a really keen writer. For you, my loyal reader, Christmas has come early. God bless us, every one!

nudge. wink. report.

hallmark-funOh the political climate is frightful
The Facebook comments are spiteful
Since we want our coffers to grow
Let us snow, let us snow, let us snow!

It’s been two days since All Hallow’s Eve. So, obviously, the Christmas season is officially underway, and then some! It’s been gathering like gently falling snow for a least a month. Now it’ll blow like a blizzard, if you get my drift.

‘Tis the season to rip your neighbor to shreds and malign his motives. I love this time of year. Is it the cold? The delightful weather? The darkness and the days growing shorter by the minute? This assumes, like me, you live in the Northern Hemisphere, like the big guy himself. Winter is that special time of year when even the Earth is trying to escape the sun to the tune of 23.4 degrees of axial tilt. Now why isn’t something…

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