Hyppo and Critter: Openminded Conflict Bias

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Hyppo and Critter

4 responses

  1. I’m positive those are actual quotes.
    But I thought they’d be better represented as a rat and a snake.


    1. Hyppo was born in the Year of the Rat. Ironically enough, Critter was born in the Year of the Dog.


  2. Comparing the size of Hyppo to that ear of corn, I’d say it’s not only produce that’s been GMO’d.

    Bring him a little closer so I can stomp on him. *splat*


    1. Objects may be more engineered than they appear. I heard they are working on the TomTato. (No, I haven’t been out in the fields have sex with potatoes again.)

      It’s a genetically engineered plant that’s a tomato on top and a potato on the bottom. Sounds rather S&M if you ask me.

      Two different crops from a single plant. What will they think of next? That’s just doubled the agricultural yield per acre of land.

      That’s why I invented the BeefTater. It’s a potato infused with the DNA of a cow. The plant is delivered directly to fast food restaurants. All they have to do is microwave and they’ve got a beef patty ready for burgerization and a side order of french fries. (Just slather with salt.)

      The future looks bright!


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